Breeze Sofa

The Breeze Sofa has been designed by Mark Mitchell as a decidedly fluffy, cloud-like furniture piece for those seeking out a decorative yet functional solution for the home.

 The sofa is characterized by its puffy design that appears to combine oblong-shaped components into one single seating solution. The couch maintains a floating design that sits just above the carpet-like base and is suspended on one side to give it an unexpected form that's ready to support a single sitter.

 It takes an artistic interpretation of an everyday object and takes a wondrous approach to living room furniture design. The sofa, while artistic in nature, would still provide a comfortable spot to sit that mimics the feeling of relaxing in a cloud.

And then there are the artistic interpretations of those everyday objects, like crumpled paper or fluffy clouds. The Suspended Sofa is like a little bit of both, but it also provokes the mind to make a suspension of belief that you won’t fall down on this cozy seat.

Dimensions: W165 D95 H115 CM
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MARK MITCHELL Mark Mitchell is a British designer based in Cheshire. His works range from furniture, lighting, and spaces with a strong sense of curiosity, poetry, and romance. Mitchell's designs are known for the moment of calm they evoke in the viewer. He often crafts with subtle white and beige materials such as boucle, opal glass, and marble. Inspired by sky and space, Mark's works perpetuate the dignity and exoticism of the natural world surrounding us. At just 25 ye... Read more Fill 1 Copy 7