Undum Coffee Table

HADGE's Undum melds abstract design with the luster of polished brushed steel. The pairing of curved shapes beautifully captures the essence of time's fleeting nature and the dynamic interplay of light. Every piece, meticulously handcrafted in Belgium, is fine-tuned to ensure a synthesis of art and precision.

Dimensions: W32 L150 H32 CM
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An architecture and interior practice founded in 2020 by architect Dieter Vlieghe. In 2015, he graduated as a Master of Architecture at the KULeuven St. Lucas, Ghent, and collaborated with other architects and designers before setting up his practice. The multidisciplinary practice focuses on illustrations and architectural atmospheres exploring the world of furniture and object design. The essence of his work is to find a perfect balance between form and content. He striv... Read more Fill 1 Copy 7