White Porcelain | Series D1

White Porcelain Series is a lighting collection comprising of sconces with an emphasis on materiality and simplicity of form. It is distinguished by refined proportions and sophisticated, invisible fixture details that reintroduce porcelain within a contemporary context and distances it from the utilitarian language with which it is often associated. Referring to the Bauhaus porcelain lights used in the 1930s, this simplified version is slip casted to provide a tough, resistant finish. Due to the manufacturing process, each piece is inherently unique.

Dimensions: W4.7 H10.2 CM
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MICHAEL ANASTASSIADES Michael Anastassiades is a Cypriot-born, London-based designer whose practice encompasses product, spatial interventions and experimental works, often transcending the distinctions between different fields of creativity. Anastassiades’ practice contemplates both industrial production and artisan techniques. In doing so, it expands into a vivid, nuanced balance between improvisation and structure, control and intuition. With a career spanning more th... Read more Fill 1 Copy 7