Womb Pendant | Large

The WOMB lighting collection evokes our deep seated feeling of ‘the primal’ and unlocks the unknown potential that is hidden in the cavities of our world
while celebrating life through luminescence.
“Walking these ancestral grounds prompts a feeling of reverence and mystique for the people who once inhabited the interleaving Stadsaal Caves. Tremendous voids and cracks shaped by the natural elements created shelter for the first humans who settled in this region. I was fascinated and humbled to witness such signs of life depicted through intricate murals on the cave walls. These moments spent in the caves were a revelation for me on both a personal and artistic level, and inspiration for the new collection.”

Dimensions: W28 L60 H55 CM
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Artist Jan Ernst Collectional Dubai-01

JAN ERNST Jan Ernst (Born in 1990 in Kroonstad, South Africa) is a multidisciplinary functional designer based in Cape Town, South Africa. Drawing from nature as inspiration, Jan Ernst creates elegant and alluring ceramic designs that delicately balance form and function. For him, ceramics is linked to exploration, experimentation and finding equilibrium in composition, structure and materiality. Jan Ernst is a multidisciplinary creative specializing in functional art an... Read more Fill 1 Copy 7