Gallery COLLECTIONAL is proud to present our inaugural exhibition 'The Shape of Things to Come', to open our new space in Dubai.


'Mirage' collection

Gallery COLLECTIONAL is pleased to present the world premiere of three newly commissioned works by Sabine Marcelis inspired by the city and context of Dubai.

Sabine Marcelis

Sabine Marcelis is a Rotterdam, the Netherlands-based designer known for her materiality, installations, and object design.

Combining pieces from renowned designers that have never been seen before in Dubai, our opening exhibition 'The Shape of Things to Come', curated by Catalina Ruiz-Urquiola, features a hand-picked selection of cutting-edge design with the world premiere of exclusively commissioned works by Dutch designer Sabine Marcelis created especially for Gallery COLLECTIONAL.

Browse the featured artists and designers or visit us to see the exhibition for yourself.