Eros Dining Table

A system of marble tables is a milestone in research into interlocking furniture without joints or locks. For the "Eros" tables, the construction solution involves a gravity joint between the top and the leg, obtained thanks to the truncated conical section of itself.

The Eros collection includes Mangiarotti’s research into breathtaking balancing structures. Crafted entirely from precious marble, it features a carved eyelet through which a conical base is fitted and used to stabilize the entire design.

Dimensions: W260 D130 H72 CM
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At a time of great global complexity and sense of insecurity, Agape’s congenital optimism turns all these question marks into certainties and, with unwavering faith in its own DNA (whose distinctive codes are sobriety, elegance, experimentation and quality), now proudly presents the “Mangiarotti” collection, a selection of projects by this great architect, who has been a treasured friend and designer of objects, which are now evergreen classics of Italian design. Agape's ... Read more Fill 1 Copy 7