1978 Incas Rectangular Table

In Incas only the two inclined planes bear the stresses due to the weight of the plan, while the vertical ones do not collaborate in the construction system. Incas is now also available in other stone materials and with suitable finishes, today for the first time it finds an unprecedented and sophisticated solution in solid wood, demonstrating how every great idea can be further developed without losing strength and meaning.

Dimensions: W90 L240 H72 CM | W90 L220 H72 CM
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ANGELO MANGIAROTTI Angelo Mangiarotti was one of the most important figures in the international design community during the 1960s. While he was known for being an adherent of strict design principles, he also sought to imbue his work with a sense of character and optimism. Angelo Mangiarotti stands apart from the other figures of the first generation of Italian design for his capacity to adapt the product to be designed to its function, its use and to the characteristics... Read more Fill 1 Copy 7