Aurora Low | Cabinet

Designer: Alexander Lamont

Dimensions: W122 D43 H85 CM

The pulse of the Aurora hand made in exquisite detail. Eggshell columns fade to black lacquer and return, creating a cabinet that will reflect and animate any room. Meticulous workmanship and considerable time achieves a cabinet that evokes textures and light while expressing the finest skills and detailing. Lacquered Walnut exterior with scalloped frame. Knife hinges and rod lock in patinated brass with custom cast feet and key. Back and interior in satin Walnut.
Finishes: Lacquered Eggshell, Lacquered Walnut, Patinated Brass,

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In a world of increasing speed and mass production we are in danger of seeing the disappearance of many things that have been considered essential to the designer and maker in times past: hand drawing; the lived understanding of techniques and materials; the years of patience and practice that build the skills needed to make something superlative. Read more Fill 1 Copy 7


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