Raven | Decorative | Object

Ravens are kept inside the Tower of London and are symbols of that great city. On a visit to London when I was about 6 I went to the Tower with my parents and was pecked by a Raven. It became a bird of mythical and actual ominousness and has always captivated me.
Finishes: Bronze

Dimensions: W11 L38 H19.5 CM
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ALEXANDER LAMONT English designer, Alexander Lamont makes powerfully tactile and organic furniture, lighting, wall coverings and accessories. His designs are rooted in touch.   Working with luxurious materials such as shagreen, straw marquetry, lacquer, bronze, gesso and parchment, Alexander Lamont aims to underscore what is special, rare and precious about each one of his creations. Inspiration for the designer comes from many sources: from an object of the past, from na... Read more Fill 1 Copy 7