Rvr | chair

Rvr chair designed by Kooij is a reverse chubby chair. The printed structure has been flattened to create a smooth, gently hugging surface. Composed of a single extruded shape, the RvR is our answer to the plastic monoblock chair. RvR chair is also available in 5 color options.

Dimensions: W54 D54 H78 CM
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Core tenets of longevity, functionality, and joy guide the Kooij collection. Of each object we ask: is this a permanent, worthy application of the resources used? In 2009, Dirk van der Kooij founded this studio in the basement of the Design Academy, Eindhoven. His guiding question was seemingly simple: could plastic be an honest, durable material? Six pizza ovens welded together proved that yes, it could. The resulting Elephant Skin series saw recycled plastic wrinkle an... Read more Fill 1 Copy 7