Stalagmite Table

Stalagmite is a new table design that takes inspiration from underground caves and the eons-old layering process that occurs in nature. Layers of metal and tinted acrylics rise upwards from the ground and appear to break through a solid glass tabletop. Designed to allow light to reflect and refract across every element. Stalagmite offers up a dazzling new perspective upon every viewing

Dimensions: W110 L250 H75 CM | W75 L150 H40 CM
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Christopher Duffy Christopher Duffy founded Duffy London in 2002 while working as a part-time furniture buyer after graduating from the University of Brighton with a BA in Product Design. Having grown out of the kitchen some time ago, Chris and the Duffy London team are now based out of a studio in Victoria Dock. East London. Abyss Horizon A study of depth and our perception of it, the Abyss Horizon makes use of the interplay between light and layers of the natural Birch... Read more Fill 1 Copy 7