Sunflower YM Floor Lamp

The Sunflower lends playful structure to the fresnel family. Positioned atop asymmetrical steel stems, combined blooms exhale a warm, twinkling light. Hot ribbons of recycled plastic build each lens slowly, layer by layer. Sourced from rooftop windows, safety glasses, and industrial chocolate moulds, this unlikely material gifts durability and glasslike transparency to the flowers. Mounted upon a central steel ball, each tactile lens is easily redirected by hand.
Recycled plastic, much like wood, carries indicators of its history. Based on the previous life of our plastic, the transparent material can appear cool or warm. The specific tint is not under our control, though is part of the joy in granting material a second life.

Textured off black finish frame with 45cm round base.
Angle of fixtures manually adjustable by swiveling around balls
Illumination: Replaceable LED modules 86Watts
Dimming hardware is built into the Sunflower, controlled by a footswitch on the baseplate.

Dimensions: L75 W75 H173 CM
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