Portal/Prometheus Table Lamps

Portal 600 and Prometheus IV Table Lamps embody the cyclical nature of existence, emanating luminescence from a minimalist form. Looking through the lamps, one is drawn through a metaphysical passageway connecting two environments, dimensions, or points in time. A Portal is a gateway, a liminal transition space, a link to beyond with a solid boundary and void. In a charged area, portals have magical resonance and hint at multi-dimensional adventure. Portal Table Lamp draws on this promise while Prometheus stole fire from the Gods of Olympus and gave it to humankind. More than the means for survival- light, and technology, Prometheus’ gift represented creative potential. The spark of creation, previously limited to the Gods, gave mortals the power to dream, create, imagine, and challenge. Prometheus IV is an implosion of blazing crystal quartz, venerating its namesake in a flame ring.

Dimensions: DIA60 D15 CM | DIA45 D8 CM
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