OUK2 Table

The OUK, designed by Vincent Dupont-Rougier for the Delcourt Collection, challenges our ideas of balance and symmetry. In Ceramic, this exquisitely wrought round side table perches atop a square plinth. Featuring a refined and timeless aesthetic, this piece elevates and opens any room it occupies.

Dimensions: Dia80 H60 CM
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Christophe Delcourt has been working on his world-famous designs since 1995. Delcourt is self-taught and taught himself how to design. At the end of the 1990s, he achieved fame with his gallery in the Marais district in Paris. The Delcourt Collection has only been available from a few exclusive dealers for a few years. The Delcourt Collection is a worldwide renowned collection of design furniture. Due to the top-quality materials and the sharp eye of the master, Christoph... Read more Fill 1 Copy 7