Reef | Vessels

A group of bronze vessels that play on a sculptural idea of 'bondage' whereby knots and overlaps create an open structure full of tension.
Finishes: Bronze

Dimensions: D34 H25.5 CM | D26 H20 CM | D23 H18.5 CM
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alexander-lamont Collectional-Dubai

Alexander Lamont English designer, Alexander Lamont makes powerfully tactile and organic furniture, lighting, wall coverings and accessories. His designs are rooted in touch.   Working with luxurious materials such as shagreen, straw marquetry, lacquer, bronze, gesso and parchment, Alexander Lamont aims to underscore what is special, rare and precious about each one of his creations. Inspiration for the designer comes from many sources: from an object of the past, from n... Read more Fill 1 Copy 7