The best sofa bed designs in Dubai, according to our experts

The sofa is usually the most important piece of furniture in a living room, as it sets the tone for the living room and it's the basis for choosing other furniture items. The sofa plays the most important role because it's where we spend most of the day watching TV, reading, relaxing or checking what's going on on social media. Obviously, a lot depends on the design of the sofa for everyday use in the living room, but the advantage is that it can be converted into a bed for sleeping at night. 

Before buying a sofa bed, you need to consider some important factors related to its features and carefully analyse all the options available to you. We have chosen the best and most beautiful sofa beds for a living room, full of life and harmony.

What is a sofa bed?

The sofa bed is the ideal furniture solution in special situations, such as when dealing with a studio apartment, a vacation home or an apartment, where it is necessary to have an extra sleeping space only when needed. 

Where to buy sofa bed in Dubai

The possibilities to buy such furniture in Dubai are countless. From shops and dealers of the most prestigious brands to the possibility to buy online. Of course, if you've landed on our website you shouldn't miss the opportunity to browse our online catalogue with the latest models of safa beds.

You will find designs created by the world's most renowned designers

But buying a sofa bed should also be done with great care, so to help you make the best purchase we have prepared a top of the most beautiful sofa beds on our website. These pieces of furniture offer multiple benefits, and some of them we will present in the following lines, so you will know if they are helpful in your home.

  • Save space - probably the biggest advantage is that it doesn't take up any more space, it's practically the size of a normal sofa during the day.
  • Pleasant design - another advantage over classic beds is that they have a much more pleasing design, giving the room a plus of elegance.
  • They're a great furnishing solution for small spaces - these sofa beds can also be used in small bedrooms. This will make it so that throughout the day you can enjoy freedom of movement in your spective bedroom.

Collectional's best sofa bed designs

The best sofa beds can be ordered online, take up little space during the day and convert to a bed when needed. Depending on your needs or space you can opt for a 2-seater, 3-seater or corner sofa bed so you can have the most beautiful living room. Keep reading. 

Circe Sofa

In the same family as the armhair, the Circe Sofa welcomes the spiritual traveller back to earth. There is a hint of classicism and a touch of American design history in the Shaker-like vertical supports, providing roots for this futuristic design that incorporates three different upholstered areas. “It has floral references and is a bit playful,” said Archibong. “It’s going to be fun interchanging the colours.” The Circe Sofa comes both with and without arms and is avialble in indoor and outdoor versions.

Dimensions: W185 D83.5 H85 CM

best sofa bed designs circe sofa

Cloud Sofa

Cloud Sofa, designed by ones of the best interior firms is the epitome of understated modern Italian design. Cloud Sofa, designed by Massimo Castagna, is the epitome of understated modern Italian design. Simple and elegant, Gallotti & Radice have brought this interpretation of a timeless Modernist-styled sofa into the 21st century. The Cloud couch/sofa gets its name from the amazing, comfortable cloud-like feel this sofa has! It is so comfortable and welcoming with its sleek and stylish design.

best sofa bed designs cloud sofa

Edge V1 Sofa

Edge V1 Sofa, designed by Lars Wendelbo, appears with a lightness and edge as the main characteristics. It is upholstered with brown leather and standing on black powder-coated steel feet. Edge V1 sofa's floating design shows a sharp visual edge without compromising the soft formed cushions.

best sofa bed designs edge v1 sofa

Elissa Sofa

Elissa Sofa, designed by Leonardo Dainelli, is a sophisticated linear sofa. It is characterized by an internal wooden structure in fango color, patted with non-deformable polyurethane foam in different densities, and it features horizontal stitching along the external perimeter. The covers are removable and available in black/white color fabric.

best sofa bed designs elissa sofa

Freeform sofa

Freeform sofa, designed by Isamu Noguchi, is an organic design of the Freeform Sofa by Isamu Noguchi is reminiscent of enlarged river stones, and exudes grace and elegance. This is accentuated by a choice of cover fabrics in natural colours. The frame of the sofa is in a solid beech, wooden frame with polyurethane foam. The cover are easily removable with walnut stain legs. It features in an orange finish.

best sofa bed designs freeform sofa

Giro 3-Seater Sofa

Giro 3-Seater Sofa, designed by Vincent Van Duysen, is a beautiful linear sofa. Giro is a collection that can blend into interiors and exteriors due to its tactility and pure lines. In Giro, we have a variety of shapes, textures, and materials (see the difference between the seating items and the coffee and side tables). And still, all the items merge harmoniously together to create a warm, tactile, and pleasant atmosphere.

best sofa bed designs giro 3 seater

Hideout Loveseat

Hideout Loveseat, designed by the Swedish duo FRONT, is a linear two-seater that shares the same technical and aesthetic features of the lounge chair. The enveloping black lacquered bent beech-wood structure creates a cosy atmosphere for moments of privacy even in the most crowded environments.‎ On the sides, two woven cane walls enclose the seat, framing the central backrest and seat which are upholstered in dark grey fabric. The Hideout Loveseat is an unprecedented reinterpretation of the ancient and prestigious technique of bentwood, it is perfectly suited to high-end lounges.

best sofa bed designs hideout loveseat

Polder Sof

Polder Sofa, designed by Hella Jongerius, is a comfortable sofa derived from the combination of diverse fabrics and colours, an asymmetrical shape and charming details. It is made with awooden frame. The seat and cushions are made with polyurethane foam with interactive pocket spring core, chamber cushions and polyester fleece. The armrest cushion are detached bolster, freely positionable, sand-weighted with a polyurethane foam filling. The cover of the sofa is a coordinated combinations of colours and fabric types and is removable. It featues in multiple colors like red, green, golden yellow, and night blue.

best sofa bed designs polder linear sofa


Surface, designed by 365 North, is a playful, light, and functional sectional sofa. The gray upholstered sofa features a multi-functional side table while the feet - in black powder-coated aluminum - are lifting the entire structure giving it a floating appearance. Designed minimally, the Surface sofa is a perfect match for any modern living space.

best sofa bed designs surface modules

Molo 3-Seater Sofa XL

Molo 3-Seater Sofa XL, designed by Rodolfo Dordoni, is a lovely 3-seater sofa. This is an example of a modular sofa in its purest form. Its orthogonal geometry is based on a rectangular modularity design, which means it can be easily adapted to suit any situation and optimize the space in which it sits. Each module can be taken apart and reorganized, creating new uses and configurations. The design is aesthetically minimalistic with intentionally oversized pieces. On the other hand, the decorative elements have conscientiously not been emphasized in order to give center stage to the various combinations of fabric, colors, and carefully selected details.

best sofa bed designs molo 3seater sofa xl


Do you want to buy a sofa for your living room? Then you have to take into account some important things, for your comfort and those who cross your threshold. The perfect sofa is extremely comfortable, has a modern design and must integrate perfectly into the decor of your home. It is very important that your new piece of furniture respects the tone of the room in which it is placed, in order to avoid unwanted discomfort.