Iconic Interior Design Projects in Dubai

Iconic Interior Design Projects in Dubai

Collectional, rooted in the vibrant city of Dubai, epitomizes a unique blend of global sensibilities and local charm in its interior design projects. With an international approach, Collectional collaborates with an extensive network of global brands, designers, and artists, creating an eclectic platform that celebrates diverse design perspectives. Their expertise lies in curating exceptional design pieces, meticulously chosen to reflect the distinct tastes and visions of their clients.

Each space envisioned by Collectional is a testament to their curatorial expertise, seamlessly integrating beauty, glamour, and functionality. They excel in articulating their clients' visions through a harmonious blend of various design eras - from vintage to modern and contemporary. Their passion for compelling design is evident in their ability to create unique spaces that resonate with individual styles. 

Whether it's sourcing a single statement piece or transforming an entire environment, Collectional's dedication and enthusiasm shine through in every project, making them a beacon of creativity and innovation in Dubai's design landscape.

Case Study: Orijins Café by Collectional

  • Client: Orijins

  • Designer: VSHD Design

  • Scope of Work: Full Fitout

Project Overview

Orijins Café, situated at the street level of the Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC), is a creation by the Dubai-based interior design firm VSHD Design. The café stands as a tribute to nature's beautiful imperfections.

Design Philosophy and Execution

The café's design is simplistic in form but rich in texture and materials. It reflects a beauty that stems from minimalistic decoration, using muted plaster and opaque creamy hues inspired by natural elements like sand, shells, stone, and wood.

Unique Features

The café's interior avoids lavish décor; instead, it captivates visitors with its forms, such as the curved volumes in the ceiling, fostering a sense of calm and grounding. The minimalist design is complemented by Matteo Brioni materials, chosen for their perfect blend of color and earthy finishes.

Color Scheme and Lighting

The color Neve leads the palette, coupled with Terravista and Multiterra for wall finishes. This combination allows natural light to cast intriguing shadows against the walls, enhancing the space's serene and sophisticated feel. A wave pattern of Terrabella further adds to the wall design's elegance​​.

Case Study: Al Faya Lodge by Collectional

  • Client: SHUROOQ (Sharjah Investment and Development Authority)

  • Designer: Anarchitect

  • Scope of Work: FF&E Package

Project Overview

The Al Faya Lodge, nestled at the foot of Mount Alvaah near the UAE's first petroleum pump, is an elegant addition to the Sharjah Collection, a series of unique boutique hotels and eco-friendly retreats across the Sharjah Emirate. The lodge is a harmonious blend of the UAE's prehistoric crimson desert landscape and contemporary design.

Architectural and Design Elements

Originally two stone-built buildings from the 1960s, serving as a clinic and a grocery store, Al Faya Lodge was transformed by architect Jonathan Ashmore and his Dubai and London-based practice, Anarchitect, into a modern boutique lodge and restaurant. The architecture and design are key to the lodge's unique experience.

Collectional's Role

Collectional worked closely with Jonathan Ashmore's team on material selection and the manufacturing process. Given the specific nature of the space, much of the furniture required customization. Anarchitect designed the furniture, while Collectional transformed these concepts into tangible pieces. Collectional also provided FF&E consultancy, supply, and delivery for the project​​.

Unique Features of the Lodge

The lodge features a dining area, reception room, library, and roof terrace. Each of the five bedrooms includes a skylight for stargazing, and the luxury room offers the added luxury of a private roof terrace and dual aspect. The design accentuates the lodge's unique position in the desert, offering a serene yet sophisticated retreat.

Case Study: Jumeirah Beach Hotel by Collectional

  • Client: Bond Interiors

  • Designer: EO (Engineering Office)

  • Scope of Work: Main feature straw marquetry column in the lobby and decorative panels in the bathrooms

Project Overview

The Jumeirah Beach Hotel in Dubai, known for its distinctive wave-like design, underwent a refurbishment that included a striking new feature in its lobby, designed and executed in collaboration with Bond Interiors and Collectional.

Design and Execution

A central element of this refurbishment was the intricate straw marquetry column in the main lobby, which exemplifies both attractiveness and functionality. The project demanded a blend of advanced technology and meticulous handcrafting.

Manufacturing Process

The process involved two key stages:

  1. Complex Geometry Creation: Utilizing WOOD-SKIN® proprietary technology and software, a bespoke product was crafted to meet the project's requirements, showcasing sophisticated "Made In Italy" expertise.

  2. Straw Marquetry Application: Executed by Alexander Lamont’s team, this involved a labor-intensive process of treating rye straw—splitting, flattening, softening, and scraping it into ribbons before carefully gluing it to the crafted surface. The straw, covered with natural varnish from plant silica, is durable and water-impermeable, offering a shiny appearance that varies in hue under different lighting conditions.


The final product was meticulously installed by Collectional’s team in Dubai, resulting in an artistic and functional centerpiece for the hotel’s lobby.

Case Study: Nammos Dubai by Collectional

  • Client: Nammos World

  • Designer: Elastic Architects

  • Scope of Work: Indoor and Outdoor FF&E Package

Project Overview

Nammos Dubai, situated at the prestigious Four Seasons Jumeirah, is a project designed to encapsulate the essence of Nammos Mykonos. The design intertwines luxury, leisure, beach life, fashion, and culinary delights in a harmonious setting.

Design Inspiration and Execution

The Athens/London-based design firm Elastic Architects drew inspiration from authentic Mykonian materials for the interior, while the outdoor terrace and beachfront showcase iconic blue and white umbrellas custom-made by Tuuci.

Furnishing and Decor

The interior features sculptural furniture, hand-crafted rugs, and natural materials like bleached wood and fieldstone. Ceramic tabletops are paired with custom-designed chairs, sofas, and lighting, all manufactured by Collectional, aligning with Elastic Architects' specifications. This blend achieves a luxurious yet relaxed furnishing style.

Special Features

  • The restaurant's heart is a raised pavilion made of Kastania wood and Lygaria screens, interwoven and lined with handmade weaved drapery.

  • A wall installation by New York-based textile designer Hiroko Takeda adorns the bar area, complemented by a Marrone-equipped kitchen visible through large arched openings.

  • Seating by B&B Italia, upholstered in neutral linens, and a specially designed pendant lamp by Elastic Architects, manufactured by Flos in Italy, add to the elegance.

Nammos Dubai, through Collectional's execution and Elastic Architects' vision, is a masterpiece of design, blending Mykonian charm with modern luxury, providing an exceptional beachfront dining and leisure experience​​.

In conclusion, these diverse interior design projects in Dubai, executed by esteemed designers and firms, epitomize the fusion of creativity, innovation, and bespoke craftsmanship. 

Each project, with its unique challenges and aesthetic goals, demonstrates the versatility and excellence in design that Dubai is known for. The successful completion of these projects not only enhances the spaces they occupy but also contributes significantly to the rich tapestry of Dubai's architectural and cultural landscape. This exploration into various design realms highlights the importance of harmonizing functional needs with artistic expression, setting new benchmarks in the world of interior design.