Interior design: Interior designer and his role

Interior design is the creative way in which an interior space is partitioned, furnished and decorated. Interior designers use materials, textures and colors, based on design rules and principles, to create spaces that are comfortable and pleasant in equal measure. Successful interior design can only be achieved by an expert in the field.

what is interior design

In most cases, the interior designer's fee varies according to the complexity of the work, but is also based on their experience and knowledge or the success of other projects in their portfolio.

Who is interior designer and what role it plays in modern architecture

Only architects or designers, graduates of prestigious higher education schools are able to advise you in the realization of a project, in the choice of materials, finishes or decorations. The terminology of interior design refers to the work to be carried out by a builder and in some cases this term is also used to refer to a design project. 

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The builder's task is to implement what the team of architects and/or designers has created and translated into a project. The builder must receive plans from the design team with precise indications of what is to be done. 

Together with the client, the architects or designers decide on the materials to be used in the execution, the details of the layout and combination, the stereotomy, the combinations of colors, textures and, last but not least, the technical possibilities of using the finishes chosen in the work. 

Of course, help from the builder, who has often encountered similar cases or encountered countless implementation problems, is welcome, and his opinion should be taken into account when it is relevant and does not affect the initial concept agreed between the architect or designer and the beneficiary.

Whether you use the terminology interior design or interior decoration, the suggestion is to call on the services of a professional, a person who earns a living from "selling" ideas, a graduate of a university in the field and who can advise you in the smallest details to translate your wishes and thoughts into reality. 

What is our vision about the interior design

With our experience and your ideas, we turn your home or office from project to reality. We are ready to offer you complete solutions for any type of project. COLLECTIONAL is a lifestyle expressed through beautiful design. 

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Constantly curious, we scour the globe to source and commission the most compelling design pieces for our clients. With a focus on quality, craft, and materiality, we elevate aesthetics and functionality to everyday luxury. 

Good communication with our clients is one of the strong points of a design project. This is the only way to create interiors that meet all the requirements - functional and aesthetic - of the owners.

The best interior designers are on Collectional

In one way or another we are all little interior designers. Whenever we renovate our home or change anything else in the house, we put ourselves in the shoes of a decorator. But often we also realize that there were things we didn't consider and things didn't turn out exactly as we dreamed. 

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Interior design can significantly transform a space, through small or large interventions.  But to get great results, you need professional designers. In recent years, more and more people are turning to our professionals to furnish their homes, offices or entire business properties. 

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That's because interior designers not only have vision and inspiration, but also complex studies that help them find the best solution for the space they have available, the budget and the wishes of those who hire them. Our best interior designers do all this and more. They are the ones who transform spaces into places others have never dreamed of, who come up with unique and spectacular solutions. 

What exactly does an interior designer do?

By definition, an interior designer identifies, researches and solves problems related to the functionality and quality of the interior environment. As an interior designer you need to know the process of designing an interior space from scratch, how to shape and reshape a space to make the most of its potential, or how to modify elements to give a completely different functionality to an interior. 

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An interior designer will compartmentalize an apartment to gain more space, find solutions to bring more natural light into a certain part of the house, remove certain walls or build walls according to the living needs of the client, etc. By creative ability, an interior designer incorporates interior design into their work, and here we mean all the elements that relate to the appearance of a home, such as lighting fixtures, finishes, furniture and other details.

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Another important aspect of the interior designer's job is that it involves knowing all the steps involved in furnishing a space, from electrical installations to carpentry and finishes. But, perhaps most importantly, an interior designer very often draws on the creative and aesthetic side, rather than the interior construction of the house. 

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Basically, interior design is a complex field, based on strict rules and principles, but also on talent and creativity, both cultivated through years of study and experience. Only an interior designer will be able to create a fusion between the client's requirements and the space, so as to design a coherent, practical and comfortable environment.

By investing in the services of an interior designer, you can make the most of a home's potential, both functionally and aesthetically. As well as increasing comfort and making the most efficient use of space, the value of your home increases exponentially with every change you make.

Why is interior design so important?

The role of the indoor environment is extremely important for our daily activities and living. We certainly feel it more strongly these days, when the time spent indoors has increased even more. 

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It is essential for an interior space to function optimally in relation to the lifestyle of its habitants, but also to provide psychological and visual comfort through a careful correlation of all aesthetic elements. All the elements of the interior, from finishes to decorations or ornamental plants, participate in this design balance.

Color is a major component of how we perceive the world around us. Surprisingly, colors in the environment have a definite effect on emotional states. As you begin to conceptualize the interior design of your home, make sure you use the right colors, they create the moods you want and convey the right message about your personality.

By hiring an interior designer, you save money, time, effort and energy while benefiting from a unique decor that is customized to your style.

What problems do interior designers solve?

Every design project involves unique design problems which need to be solved with creativity and innovation. Usually, interior designers solve problems related to space, color, and aesthetics. They are responsible for the layout, furniture, color schemes, textures and other elements that make up an interior.

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The interior designer’s job is to create a space that matches the client’s needs and vision. This includes designing spaces for living, working and entertainment. The interior designer is also responsible for making sure that all aspects of a room or space are in balance with each other in order to create a harmonious environment.

Do you need a design consultation?

There are many reasons why someone may need a design consultation. Some of these reasons include:

  • The person moving into their new home doesn't have any design experience or knowledge about what they want their space to look like;
  • The person is looking for a fresh perspective on their current home;
  • The person has specific needs;
  • The person is looking for help with organizing all of the clutter in their home and wants someone else to come in and get things organized for them;

If you are considering designing your home or office, you might want to consult with a professional interior designer from Collectional. They will work with you to create a design that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional and practical. 

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Design consultations can be done in-person or remotely, depending on the needs of the client. Most designers offer free consultations as a way to get to know their clients, so it's worth asking for one if you're not sure what direction you want to go in.

It can also involve looking at pictures of other spaces that you like to get some inspiration for what you might want in your own home.