Collectional is presenting an exclsuive lighting partner, Apparatus at Downtown Design 2023

In the ever-evolving world of interior design, lighting stands as a paramount element, merging functionality with aesthetics, and setting the ambiance of any space. This year, at Downtown Design 2023, Collectional - known for its curated selections of luxury furnishings - is proud to introduce its exclusive lighting partner, Apparatus

Renowned for their avant-garde designs and meticulous craftsmanship, Apparatus has etched a niche in the luxury lighting domain. This collaboration promises to be a beacon of innovation and style, shedding light on the future of design. Dive in as we explore this luminous partnership and the radiant creations that are set to captivate audiences.

Among the myriad of exceptional brands making their mark, Collectional emerges with a significant announcement. This year, they proudly present Apparatus Studio, further solidifying their commitment to craftsmanship and contemporary design.

Apparatus Vision and Craft

Nestled in the heart of New York, Apparatus stands as a beacon of interdisciplinary design, intertwining the realms of lighting, furniture, and objects within their ambient settings. Drawing inspiration from the modernist ethos of Gesamtkunstwerk – the comprehensive artwork – their collections unfurl as intricate tapestries, with each piece narrating tales of historical and cultural resonance, harmonizing within a singular, encompassing vision.

Founded in 2012 by the visionary duo, Gabriel Hendifar and Jeremy Anderson, Apparatus has since flourished. Now spearheaded by Artistic Director and CEO, Gabriel Hendifar, the brand has expanded its horizons, establishing exquisite galleries in New York, Los Angeles, and London, each resonating with the studio's unique design philosophy.

At the core of Apparatus lies an unwavering commitment to artisanal excellence. Every creation is birthed from a profound respect for craftsmanship, celebrating the profound touch of the human hand. Luxurious materials such as marble, suede, horsehair, lacquer, and porcelain seamlessly blend with hand-patinated brass, all meticulously crafted in their dedicated New York workshop. Whether it's a luminescent fixture or a meticulously designed chair, the essence of Apparatus lies in harmonizing the precision of mechanization with the raw, beautiful imperfections of human touch.

Lighting series by Apparatus

Lariat: Reminiscent of forms found in jewelry, etched glass teardrops hang from finely woven brass mesh. taut lines and graceful swags are weighted by elongated orbs, addressing an intersection of geometry and gravity. custom installations are designed based on desired dimensions and number of pendants.

Trapeze: Inspired by the tension and dynamics of the circus act, this series cantilevers glowing bowls in movable formations on the ceiling or wall, creating a soft illumination and graphic silhouette. available with either brass or hand cast porcelain bowls.

Tassel: The tassel series condenses the warmth and decadence of a traditional chandelier to a concise, modern conclusion. emanating from a brass dome, the light is amplified as it refracts through mold-blown glass cylinders.

Talisman: A strict arrangement of semi-precious stones recalls fine details found on statues at the ancient city of persepolis. agate, jasper, or jade beads are pierced by finely fluted pins, affixing them to a leather-bound brass structure.

Signal: Signal reverberates light through the concentric circles of its pressed glass diffuser, informed by the fresnel lens. recalling the architecture of satellites, the series is punctuated by rhythms of code articulated in the dots and antennae that delicately encircle its brass body. the fixtures create soft gradients of light, like the silent communication of a satellite emitting waves across the ether.

Cloud: Featherweight spheres suspended from brass chain. Mouth-blown, frosted glass refracts a central light source.

Circuit: The circuit series creates rhythm with the repetition of pure shapes. a glowing glass capsule nests in a brass shade, becoming a contained form that multiplies to construct larger fixtures.

Horsehair: A robust study of material that evokes the grace and strength of its equine contributor. wefts of horsehair are combined with brass and etched glass, implying a structural, weight-bearing function for the coarse hair.

Reprise: Reprise dances between rigor and whimsy, modernity and old-world sensibilities. a mold-blown glass orb is suspended in mid-air by delicately articulated brass chain and robust brass forms hand-wrapped in textural suede and smooth leather. the forms recall the perfection of plasticity so playfully considered by designer joe colombo, reinterpreted by the human hand in savoir faire leather craft. the complexity of reprise’s construction is belied by its playful defiance of gravity.

Lantern: The slip-cast porcelain forms of the lantern series float along a rigid brass structure. their glow is punctuated by finely incised fluting, connecting to the most essential element of historical lanterns - light passing through a delicate protective form. repeating spheres act as a counterpoint to the sizable shades

Apparatus at Dubai Downtown Design 2023

Event Date: 8th – 11th November
Event Location: Dubai Deign District (D3)
Venue Location: take right from the main entrance and registration desk.
Landmark: 4th Stand from Security Office
Venue Number: Stand C 19 

Come and see us there!